Dalent Medical Receives Additional Patent Protections for the Sinusleeve™ Balloon Device

MIAMI, May 17 — Dalent Medical, a Miami-based medical technology company creating innovative devices to treat sinus related conditions, is pleased to announce the acquisition of a new patent to their intellectual property portfolio.

This patent further protects Dalent’s proprietary device and method for balloon sinus dilation procedures using the Sinusleeve™ Balloon to treat chronic sinusitis. FDA-listed in 2019, ENT surgeons in select markets have used the device successfully to treat their patients seeing high rates of technical success and durable patient outcomes.

“It is a thrill to develop the Sinusleeve device from an idea born out of the operating room, through development, and now back in the OR being used to serve patients. This additional patent will help us continue on our path to improve the lives of those living with sinus-related conditions.“ – Dr. Agustin Arrieta, Co-Founder

The Sinusleeve™ Balloon is a single-use, disposable, balloon sinus dilation device (BSD) used for treating chronic sinusitis. Developed and manufactured in the United States, this patented device fits over rigid, flexible and reusable positioning and suction devices by way of a conforming sleeve. The Sinusleeve™ Balloon accommodates instrumentation of varying sizes and curves, allowing access, simultaneous suction and balloon dilation all in one.

“When innovating for better patient outcomes and higher value keeping our work protected is crucial, we are pleased to add to our portfolio of global intellectual property assets.” – Peter Flores, President


Dalent Medical was launched by a diverse group of founders, investors, and innovators committed to creating solutions for physicians and their patients with sinus related conditions. The Dalent Medical team recognizes the need and opportunity to present new, innovative, versatile, lower cost alternatives to help treat those suffering from Chronic Sinusitis.




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